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Chefworks Black Long PVC Bib Apron

If your work or passion has you (or your staff) constantly dealing with water, chemicals, paints and/or dyes that seem to get everywhere in an all-too-often spill or spray, it is probably safe to say you are tired of having the dirtiest clothes or uniform at work. It?s time for a change ?of aprons. We have just the Industrial Apron for you!

This Navy Long PU Bib Apron is an extremely tough, non-porous apron that can take some real abuse. Our Industrial Apron is a heavy-duty that is just water resistant but abrasion resistant as well. Available in a bib style, this apron also offers ample coverage. In fact, our apron has you covered from your chest and down to your mid-thigh.

Beyond its core material, we incorporated reinforced stress points in all of our designs to make sure every bit of this apron was tough enough. We even stress test our aprons to certify they can endure the abuse of a hard day?s work and still look good. Now, that is a durability that you can trust on an apron that means serious business. Because our industrial aprons were built to last, your bottom line is protected. No more spending money on poorly manufactured aprons that perform well below the standard of excellence we set here.


General Features


  • Long Lightweight PU Apron
  • Adjustable fabric neck strap
  • Size 120cm L x 89cm W
  • Waterproof

Additional product information

Gender Unisex
Category Type
  • Water Resistant

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